News: R. David Edelman on robots, jobs and cyberwarfare (Washington Post)

2017-03-08 - 1 minute read

‘This is an all hands on deck thing’: A former Obama technology adviser on robots, jobs and cyberwarfare
By Brian Fung
Washington Post
March 8 at 7:18 AM

During the Obama administration, R. David Edelman was one of the president’s top advisers. As a part of Obama’s National Security Council and his National Economic Council, Edelman was among those responsible for crafting U.S. policies on cybersecurity, technology and innovation — at a time when all three were making national headlines. Now, Edelman is headed to MIT, where he’ll direct the university’s new Project on Technology, the Economy, and National Security. On Monday, I sat down with Edelman for an interview at The Washington Post’s offices to discuss the future of automation, jobs and cyberwarfare.


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