Critical Infrastructure

In 2016, IPRI co-sponsored a series of five workshops examining the challenge of securing critical infrastructure. The event focused on four critical economic sectors, all of which are overwhelmingly or entirely in private hands: electricity, finance, communications, and oil-and-natural-gas (ONG). Based on the workshops, the critical infrastructure group is finalizing a report that makes both long- and short-term recommendations of broad applicability to critical infrastructure.

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Research: Keeping America Safe: Toward More Secure Networks for Critical Sectors

Published on 2017-03-24

How Safe Is The Infrastructure We Consider Critical? The critical networks keep America‚Äôs lights on,…

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Research: Ex-post mitigation strategies for theft of non-financial data

Published on 2016-03-30

As the financial sector has gotten better at dealing with data breaches of payment card…

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Research: Keys under doormats

Published on 2015-07-07

Mandating insecurity by requiring government access to all data and communications Released: 7 July 2015…

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The Critical Infrastructure Team

Hal Abelson
Class of 1922 Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Marc Aidinoff
Ph.D. Candidate
Joel Brenner
Senior Research Fellow
David Clark
Senior Research Scientist
R. David Edelman
Director, Project on Technology, Economy & National Security
Jonathan Frankle
Ph.D. Candidate
Shirley Hung
Research Scientist
Kenneth Oye
Professor of Political Science
Taylor Reynolds
Technology Policy Director
Mike Specter
Ph.D. Candidate
Daniel Weitzner
Principal Investigator, IPRI Founding Director