Cybersecurity, Encryption, and Critical Infrastructure Policy

IPRI’s cybersecurity work focuses on the engineering and social scientific aspects of security issues related to communication networks and software systems as they affect the society and economy at large. Our cybersecurity work covers the encryption debate, securing core economic and social infrastructure, securing the Internet of Things, and developing secure communication channels between ISPs and users.

Keys Under Doormats
Mandating insecurity by requiring government access to all data and communications

Keys Under Doormats

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News: Is the US Gov’t Tech Illiterate? R. David Edelman Explains

Published on 2017-05-24

IPRI’s R. David Edelman was featured and quoted by WIRED in “The US Government Isn’t…

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IPRI MIT Funding Awards

Published on 2017-05-19

MIT’s interdisciplinary Internet Policy Research Initiative (IPRI) awarded $1.5 million to researchers across campus working…

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News: Edelman on US Administration’s Cybersecurity plan timeline

Published on 2017-04-21

Donald Trump misses his own cyber security plan deadline after promising to deliver in 90…

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Speech: Brenner – Protecting America’s Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Attacks

Published on 2017-03-23

Joel Brenner gave a presentation on protecting America’s critical infrastructure from cyber attacks to InfraGard,…

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Event: Julia Angwin – Algorithmic Accountability – March 23, 2017

Published on 2017-03-19

On 23 March 2017 (Thursday), MIT’s Internet Policy Research Initiative hosted ProPublica’s Julia Angwin for…

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News: Dr. Joel Brenner discussing intelligence leaks (MSNBC)

Published on 2017-03-09

IPRI’s Joel Brenner was featured today on the MSNBC program “For the Record with Greta”….

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News: R. David Edelman on robots, jobs and cyberwarfare (Washington Post)

Published on 2017-03-08

‘This is an all hands on deck thing’: A former Obama technology adviser on robots,…

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R. David Edelman Joins MIT’s Internet Policy Research Initiative (IPRI)

Published on 2017-03-08

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – On March 8, 2017, MIT announced that R. David Edelman, former White…

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Blog: Specter – On Deniability and Duress

Published on 2017-03-06

Imagine you’re at a border crossing, and the guard asks you to hand over all…

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News: MIT cybersecurity expert urges collaboration to fight threats (Consumer Appeal)

Published on 2017-03-06

The Commercial Appeal 06-Mar-2017, by Kevin McKenzie Don’t look for the government, market forces, vendors…

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The Security Team

Hal Abelson
Class of 1922 Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Marc Aidinoff
Ph.D. Candidate
Joel Brenner
Senior Research Fellow
David Clark
Senior Research Scientist
R. David Edelman
Director, Project on Technology, Economy & National Security
Jonathan Frankle
Ph.D. Candidate
Shirley Hung
Research Scientist
Kenneth Oye
Professor of Political Science
Taylor Reynolds
Technology Policy Director
Mike Specter
Ph.D. Candidate
Daniel Weitzner
Principal Investigator, IPRI Founding Director