The Privacy initiative focuses on privacy policy and its role in maintaining trustworthiness. Our research aims to help people understand current transparency mechanisms in order to highlight the access and sharing of their personal information as well as the possible outcomes (both positive and negative) associated with this use of information.

IPRI’s work on privacy covers a wide variety of topics with worldwide implications affecting the international privacy policy landscape. 

Privacy Bridges
EU and US Privacy Experts in Search of Transatlantic Privacy Solutions

Privacy Bridges

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New Paper Paves The Way For More Transparency For Court System Without Revealing Data

Published on 2018-08-20

IPRI Researchers Present At USENIX Conference Internet Policy Research Initiative student Jonathan Frankle, along with…

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Data From Airport Facial Recognition Devices – Are There Safeguards In Place?

Published on 2018-08-09

Airport Facial Recognition Devices – what’s going on with the data? Did you know Airlines…

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When Should Law Enforcement Use Facial Recognition Technology?

Published on 2018-07-02

Facial Recognition technology is continuing to improve, yet even with all the improvements there are…

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Could Facial Recognition Technology protect our public schools better?

Published on 2018-06-12

Could facial recognition technology prevent school shootings? With more high profile public school shootings the…

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U.S. Privacy Legislation: Now Is The Time

Published on 2018-05-23

21 May 2018 Daniel Weitzner delivered a keynote address at the 2nd Annual Privacy &…

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Facebook/Cambridge Analytica: Privacy lessons and a way forward

Published on 2018-03-20

By Nathaniel Fruchter, Michael Specter, Ben Yuan Introduction On Saturday, March 17, 2018, The Guardian…

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Blog: Apple’s New Facial Recognition on the iphone – good for privacy?

Published on 2017-09-25

Facial Recognition on the new iPhone? What does that mean for my privacy? Jonathan Frankle,…

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Research: “My Bank Already Gets this Data”: Exposure Minimisation and Company Relationships in Privacy Decision-Making

Published on 2017-06-05

How do individuals make data privacy related decisions? It turns out people rely heavily on…

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News: Is the US Gov’t Tech Illiterate? R. David Edelman Explains

Published on 2017-05-24

IPRI’s R. David Edelman was featured and quoted by WIRED in “The US Government Isn’t…

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IPRI MIT Funding Awards

Published on 2017-05-19

MIT’s interdisciplinary Internet Policy Research Initiative (IPRI) awarded $1.5 million to researchers across campus working…

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Blog: US Privacy Gap Widens

Published on 2017-04-13

By Daniel Weitzner TL;DR After Congressional action repealing the FCC’s Broadband Internet Access Provider privacy…

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Blog: Algorithmic Accountability

Published on 2017-04-10

Stop blaming the algorithm! Some paths forward on the question of algorithmic accountability By Marc Aidinoff…

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News: Ilaria Liccardi on WBUR discussing the repeal of Internet privacy regulations

Published on 2017-03-29

IPRI’s Ilaria Liccardi was featured on WBUR discussing the privacy concerns related to the repeal…

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Event: Julia Angwin – Algorithmic Accountability – March 23, 2017

Published on 2017-03-19

On 23 March 2017 (Thursday), MIT’s Internet Policy Research Initiative hosted ProPublica’s Julia Angwin for…

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Research: Better the Devil You Know – Exposing the Data Sharing Practices of Smartphone Apps

Published on 2017-03-03

Most users of smartphone apps remain unaware of what data about them is being collected,…

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Course: 6.S978 – Privacy Legislation in Practice: Law and Technology

Published on 2017-02-10

This course will be taught jointly by faculty from MIT and Georgetown University Law School…

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Blog: Markel – Passwords are not the problem

Published on 2017-01-30

By: Zane Markel January 30, 2017 In the wake of the headline-grabbing Mirai DDoS attacks…

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Event: Security, Privacy and the Internet

Published on 2016-11-30

Security, Privacy and the Internet (video) Wednesday, 30 Nov 2016, 7:00-8:30 PM (open to the…

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Research: I Know Where You Live: Inferring Details of People’s Lives by Visualizing Publicly Shared Location Data

Published on 2016-09-04

This research measures human performance in inferring the functional types (i.e., home, work , leisure…

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Blog: IPRI “Keys Under Doormats” paper earns 2016 EFF award

Published on 2016-08-09

A team from MIT’s Internet Policy Research Initiative has been awarded the Electronic Frontier Foundation…

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Arvind Narayanan Visits MIT’s Internet Policy Research Initiative

Arvind Narayanan Visits MIT’s Internet Policy Research Initiative

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