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The Privacy initiative focuses on privacy policy and its role in maintaining trustworthiness. Our research aims to help people understand current transparency mechanisms in order to highlight the access and sharing of their personal information as well as the possible outcomes (both positive and negative) associated with this use of information.

IPRI’s work on privacy covers a wide variety of topics with worldwide implications affecting the international privacy policy landscape. 

Privacy Bridges
EU and US Privacy Experts in Search of Transatlantic Privacy Solutions

Privacy Bridges

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Beyond Dark Patterns – A Concept-Based Framework for Ethical Software Design

Current dark pattern research tells designers what not to do, but how do they know…

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Accountable systems – The OTrace Protocol

MIT Future of Data 25 April 2024: Future of Data Initiative releases early version of…

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IPRI Talk: Stephanie Nguyen – US FTC CTO (2023)

Stephanie Nguyen spoke at MIT on May 17th, 2023 about the relationship between technological innovation…

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COVID-19 Apps: Data Transparency and Data Governance Through UX/UI Design

Written by Stephanie Nguyen & Ilaria Liccardi Nine months after the COVID-19 outbreak in the…

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4/16/2020: ImPACT 2020

The virtual ImPACT 2020 Conference aimed to develop an understanding of how automated contact tracing…

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5/21/18: Daniel Weitzner at the Second Annual Privacy & Cybersecurity Conference

On May 21, 2018, Daniel Weitzner delivered a keynote address at the 2nd Annual Privacy…

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2/14/18: Arvind Narayanan Visits MIT’s Internet Policy Research Initiative

Arvind Narayanan is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University and a main…

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3/23/17: Julia Angwin Discusses Algorithmic Accountability

On 23 March 2017 (Thursday), MIT’s Internet Policy Research Initiative hosted ProPublica’s Julia Angwin for a…

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3/9/17: Polish Delegation Visits MIT’s Internet Policy Research Initiative

MIT’s Internet Policy Research Initiative was honored to host a Polish Delegation comprised of Undersecretaries…

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