IPRI’s network research is led by the Advanced Network Architecture (ANA) Group and explores the future of network architectures, systems, and protocols. Our research targets core design principles and technology for large, decentralized, open-access networks, such as the Internet.

The network research projects are broad in scope, ranging from detailed TCP performance analysis to the interplay of economics and technology in future internet works. We are particularly concerned with the fundamental design principles that underlie tomorrow’s networks — what we call the architecture of networks. Our research methods include engineering studies, software and prototype development, and the study of networks using a multidisciplinary approach.

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Why Botnets Persist: Designing Effective Technical and Policy Interventions

Written by Wajeeha Ahmad. Botnets, networks of malware-infected machines controlled by an attacker called the…

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Neural Networks and the Lottery Ticket Hypothesis

Deep neural networks, computer systems loosely modeled after the human brain, are found in the…

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Paper: The Future of the Ad-Supported Internet Ecosystem

Instead of charging their users directly, popular social media sites – such as Facebook, Twitter,…

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IPRI MIT Funding Awards

MIT’s interdisciplinary Internet Policy Research Initiative (IPRI) awarded $1.5 million to researchers across campus working…

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CRTC Chairman Jean-Pierre Blais at MIT

By: Natalie Klym, Executive Director of MIT’s Communications Futures Program (CFP) April 24th, 2017 When…

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Learning from Tim Berners-Lee on the occasion of receiving the Turing Award

2017-04-04 By Daniel Weitzner On the happy occasion of Professor Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s receiving the…

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Blog: Improving the Measurement and Analysis of Gigabit Broadband Networks

Improving the Measurement and Analysis of Gigabit Broadband Networks Accurate measurements of broadband performance are…

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Blog: Beyond Counting:
New Perspectives on the Active IPv4 Address Space

The Internet faces a fundamental resource scarcity issue: the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) exhausted…

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Research: Would You Like Your Internet With or Without Video?

William Lehr (MIT) and Douglas Sicker (CMU & U of Colorado at Boulder) August 1,…

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