IPRI Research

The MIT Internet Policy Research Initiative produces policy research in a variety of technical fields, including cybersecurity, AI policy, privacy, advanced network architectures, decentralized web, and app development.

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Why Botnets Persist: Designing Effective Technical and Policy Interventions

Written by Wajeeha Ahmad. Botnets, networks of malware-infected machines controlled by an attacker called the…

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Neural Networks and the Lottery Ticket Hypothesis

Deep neural networks, computer systems loosely modeled after the human brain, are found in the…

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Paper: The Future of the Ad-Supported Internet Ecosystem

Instead of charging their users directly, popular social media sites – such as Facebook, Twitter,…

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New Paper Paves The Way For More Transparency For Court System Without Revealing Data

IPRI Researchers Present At USENIX Conference Internet Policy Research Initiative student Jonathan Frankle, along with…

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Data From Airport Facial Recognition Devices – Are There Safeguards In Place?

Airport Facial Recognition Devices – what’s going on with the data? Did you know Airlines…

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When Should Law Enforcement Use Facial Recognition Technology?

Facial Recognition technology is continuing to improve, yet even with all the improvements there are…

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