The Internet Policy Research Initiative (IPRI) collaborates with policy makers and technologists to improve the trustworthiness and effectiveness of interconnected digital systems like the Internet. Our work provides global policy makers with technically grounded guidance for policies regarding cybersecurity, Internet privacy, and more. We accomplish our mission by relying on: core engineering and public policy research, education, and outreach.


Tackling key issues, such as the encryption debate, critical infrastructure, cryptography, and IoT security.


AI Policy

Increasing the trustworthiness of AI systems to ensure that they are both explainable and accountable.



Helping to inform meaningful policy that ensures the safety of private information held on the Internet.



Investigating network architectures, systems, and protocols from a policy perspective.


Decentralized Web

Developing tools and standards for the Internet to expand its benefits throughout the world.


App Inventor

Creating a platform that makes it easier to design and build problem-solving mobile apps.


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