The Internet Policy Research Initiative (IPRI) collaborates with policymakers and technologists to improve the trustworthiness and effectiveness of interconnected digital systems like the Internet. Our work provides global policymakers with technically grounded guidance for policies regarding cybersecurity, Internet privacy, and more. We accomplish our mission by relying on: core engineering and public policy research, education, and outreach.


Tackling key issues, such as the encryption debate, critical infrastructure, cryptography, and IoT security.

Student Reflections (China 2017) – Haining Xu (SJTU)

Published on 2018-03-27

Student Reflections: Haining Xu Boundary-Setting of Governmental Powers in China’s Cybersecurity Law: An Ongoing Process…

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News: Joel Brenner Interview on WBUR – Attacks on United States Critical Infrastructure

Published on 2018-03-26

Did the Russians really hack into the US Electrical Grid?  Were they able to hack…

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Arvind Narayanan Visits MIT’s Internet Policy Research Initiative

Published on 2018-02-21

By: Jonathan Frankle On February 14th, Arvind Narayanan visited IPRI from Princeton University, where he…

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Expanding the Research Exemptions Provided by the Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act

Published on 2017-08-23

Expanding the Research Exemptions Provided by the Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act By: James…

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Increasing the trustworthiness of AI systems to ensure that they are both explainable and accountable.

AI Policy Congress – Part 2 Democratizing AI through Transparency and Education

Published on 2019-02-01

Written by Natalie Lao Demystifying Machine Learning for Regulators On Wednesday, January 16, Professor Hal…

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News: Policymakers Discuss How to Govern AI Technology

Published on 2019-01-28

In a post for the New York Times, Steve Lohr discussed the MIT AI Policy…

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AI Policy Congress – Part 1 Governance Challenges

Published on 2019-01-28

Written by Grace Abuhamad What Is the MIT AI Policy Congress? On January 15, 2019,…

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New Cross-Disciplinary Group Contemplates AI Ethics

Published on 2018-10-23

MIT Students Address Ethical Issues in the Areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomous Machines…

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Helping to inform meaningful policy that ensures the safety of private information held on the Internet.

Recommendations For Fake News

Published on 2018-04-20

What should be done about “fake news”? Wajeeha Ahmad develops recommendations to better align incentives…

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Facebook/Cambridge Analytica: Privacy lessons and a way forward

Published on 2018-03-20

By Nathaniel Fruchter, Michael Specter, Ben Yuan Introduction On Saturday, March 17, 2018, The Guardian…

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Blog: Apple’s New Facial Recognition on the iphone – good for privacy?

Published on 2017-09-25

Facial Recognition on the new iPhone? What does that mean for my privacy? Jonathan Frankle,…

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Research: “My Bank Already Gets this Data”: Exposure Minimisation and Company Relationships in Privacy Decision-Making

Published on 2017-06-05

How do individuals make data privacy related decisions? It turns out people rely heavily on…

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Investigating network architectures, systems, and protocols from a policy perspective.

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Developing architecture and tools for the web to reopen its benefits throughout the world.

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Creating a platform that makes it easier to design and build problem-solving mobile apps.

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