Tech Policy Opportunities

Are you interested in pursuing a career in tech policy? Want to learn more about this field? Check out this page for a curated list of new tech policy jobs, fellowships, and internships.


The Director of Technology Projects at the EFF is a senior leadership role that will help decide organization-wide choices. In this role, successful candidates will lead a team of ethical technologists to defend encryption, outwit censorship, and code a better digital future.


This opportunity is a paid and non-resident fellowship in which successful candidates will study the effects of connected products and services. The fellows will use their research to increase transparency and advance consumers’ interests in the marketplace.

The Congressional Innovation Scholars fellowship is a ten-month paid program that will enable successful candidates to serve as tech policy advisors to top Members of Congress. TechCongress is looking for recent graduate students in CS, engineering, data science and other technical fields to fill this position.

The Google Policy Fellowship program includes 15 countries in 2019 and runs from January to June. The program is looking for undergraduate, graduate, law students and early-stage professionals that are interested in Internet and technology policy. In this position, successful applicants will contribute to public dialogue on these issues and explore future academic and professional interests.