News: Top Universities Are Pushing for Public Interest Technology

2019-03-13 - 1 minute read

In a New York Times article, Natasha Singer discusses how U.S. students are learning about the consequences of technology on our modern society. Different universities are offering courses that aim to enable future generations of software engineers, policymakers, leaders, and advocates to build and regulate technology with the public good in mind.

One such course is 6.S978 Privacy Legislation: Law and Technology. This course is taught by IPRI’s own Danny Weitzner, Ilaria Liccardi, and Hal Abelson, as well as Laura Moy, Alvaro Bedoya, and David Vladeck from Georgetown Law. Students in this course, who come from MIT and Georgetown, investigate current privacy policy and technology issues. As a result, students learn about the fundamentals of privacy law and the foundations of relevant technologies.

Photo showing MIT and Georgetown Law students discussing privacy policy and technology.
MIT and Georgetown Law students take part in the 6.S978 class.

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