New Paper Paves The Way For More Transparency For Court System Without Revealing Data

2018-08-20 - 1 minute read

IPRI Researchers Present At USENIX Conference

Internet Policy Research Initiative student Jonathan Frankle, along with advisor Professor Shafi Goldwasser, Principal Investigator Danny Weitzner and CSAIL PhD graduate Sunoo Park and undergraduate Daniel Shaar are presenting their paper at this week’s USENIX Security conference in Baltimore.

They have pioneered a way to use cryptography and cryptographic technique to add more transparency to personal data requests to the large tech companies.  There are numerous court orders that demand large tech companies to share and reveal personal data about individuals, but the public is un-aware of who is issuing these court orders, and to which tech companies.  How many requests and court orders are issued and by which judges.

Using their new technique will enable these types of questions to be answered, with out revealing the proprietary data, or private data that should not be revealed.

The researchers are looking to build a proof of concept model and which will enable other applications to take advantage of their research and work.

Read more at MIT News or read their paper! Published here.