Event: Is Internet Policy Economic Policy?

2016-07-18 - 1 minute read

(website, livestream)
Monday July 18 at 5:30 PM (open to the public)
6th floor of  E-52 (MIT Samberg Center, 50 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA)

From the day he launched his 2008 presidential campaign, President Obama argued that the Internet was an essential tool to advance his economic agenda. Issues like broadband access, online intellectual property rights, and data privacy were about advancing economic opportunity at home as well as maintaining competitive strength on the global stage. But who made these policies and how?  Looking back on almost a decade of internal and public debates, key policy advisors to President Obama and Vice President Biden reflect on what crafting Presidential Internet policy actually meant. Addressing the question, “Is Internet Policy Economic Policy?,” panelists will show how Internet policymaking reconfigured traditional structures, methods, and modes of expertise.