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Intersection, Scale, and Social Machines: Scholarship in the Digital World


David DE ROURE is a Professor of e-Research at University of Oxford, Director of the Oxford e-Research Centre, and Chair of Oxford’s Digital Humanities research programme. (websitepresentation). In October 2015, De Roure came to IPRI to discuss intersection, scale, and social machines: scholarship in the digital world.

He notes that today we are witnessing several shifts in scholarly practice, in and across multiple disciplines, as researchers embrace digital techniques to tackle established research questions in new ways and new questions afforded by digital and digitized collections, approaches, and technologies. Pervasive adoption of technology, coupled with the co-creation of new social processes, has created a new and complex space for scholarship where citizens both generate and analyze data as they interact at the intersection of the physical and digital. Drawing on a background in distributed computing, and adopting the lens of Social Machines, this talk discusses current activity in digital scholarship, framing it in its interdisciplinary settings


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