Could Facial Recognition Technology protect our public schools better?

2018-06-12 - 2 minutes read

Could facial recognition technology prevent school shootings?

With more high profile public school shootings the national conversation is exploring ways to prevent or event stop gun violence in public schools. How can we protect our schools and children from such violent attacks?

PhD Jonathan Frankle

Some schools in the US are turning to new facial recognition technology.  The facial recognition technology would track and “recognize” individual students, teachers, and staff, and then prevent un-identified individuals from entering into school buildings.

While facial recognition technology continues to improve it is still less accurate with darker skin and women.  Researchers have shown that bias often can be built into the system.  Plus there are privacy concerns that need to be addressed in having a public database of knowing exactly where every single student is all the time.

Jonathan Frankle has done extensive research on facial recognition technology and is a part of the Internet Policy Research Initiate team at MIT and was interviewed by  He says that installing facial recognition cameras in a school isn’t far from the status quo, most schools have some sort of a procedure to have visiting individuals check in with the front office.  A facial recognition camera is just automating that process.  But deploying facial recognition on a wide-scale adoption, say for an entire city for example, he voices concern and caution.

His full interview can be found below.

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