Computing and Society CoR at CSAIL

The core research of the Computing and Society CoR is in the interaction between computing systems and society. We accomplish our mission through engineering and public policy research, education, and public engagement. The Computing and Society CoR collaborates with policymakers and technologists to improve the trustworthiness and effectiveness of interconnected digital systems such as the Internet, and to evolve new legal and regulatory structures appropriate to these systems. Our work provides global policymakers with technically grounded guidance for policies regarding cybersecurity, Internet privacy, and more. By learning from policymakers and legal scholars, we will develop a deeper understanding of the social requirements of systems. At the same time, our engineering research introduces new architectures, analytic techniques and technical affordances to make the computing infrastructure used by the world more responsive to societal needs. 

The Computing and Society CoR encompasses a variety of computer science subdisciplines (from systems, security, privacy, networking and cryptography, to AI and knowledge representation) as well as law and public policy. As such, we have broad collaborations across the Lab, and across campus. Several of our students are jointly supervised with PIs in other CoRs and other departments. What unites us as a community is a shared interest in understanding and changing the interaction between computing systems and society.