When Should Law Enforcement Use Facial Recognition Technology?

Published on 2018-07-02

Facial Recognition technology is continuing to improve, yet even with all the improvements there are…

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Could Facial Recognition Technology protect our public schools better?

Published on 2018-06-12

Could facial recognition technology prevent school shootings? With more high profile public school shootings the…

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U.S. Privacy Legislation: Now Is The Time

Published on 2018-05-23

21 May 2018 Daniel Weitzner delivered a keynote address at the 2nd Annual Privacy &…

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Recommendations For Fake News

Published on 2018-04-20

What should be done about “fake news”? Wajeeha Ahmad develops recommendations to better align incentives…

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Facebook/Cambridge Analytica: Privacy lessons and a way forward

Published on 2018-03-20

By Nathaniel Fruchter, Michael Specter, Ben Yuan Introduction On Saturday, March 17, 2018, The Guardian…

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Blog: Apple’s New Facial Recognition on the iphone – good for privacy?

Published on 2017-09-25

Facial Recognition on the new iPhone? What does that mean for my privacy? Jonathan Frankle,…

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Research: “My Bank Already Gets this Data”: Exposure Minimisation and Company Relationships in Privacy Decision-Making

Published on 2017-06-05

How do individuals make data privacy related decisions? It turns out people rely heavily on…

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Blog: US Privacy Gap Widens

Published on 2017-04-13

By Daniel Weitzner TL;DR After Congressional action repealing the FCC’s Broadband Internet Access Provider privacy…

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Blog: Algorithmic Accountability

Published on 2017-04-10

Stop blaming the algorithm! Some paths forward on the question of algorithmic accountability By Marc Aidinoff…

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Blog: US and EU Data Privacy – Transatlantic Privacy Solutions for 2017

Published on 2017-03-16

Globalization and technological advances pose common challenges to providing a progressive, sustainable model for protecting…

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