COVID-19 Apps: Data Transparency and Data Governance Through UX/UI Design

Published on 2020-12-02

Written by Stephanie Nguyen & Ilaria Liccardi Nine months after the COVID-19 outbreak in the…

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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Contact Tracing Apps?

Published on 2020-08-11

While contact tracing apps can help us control the spread of COVID-19, they also come…

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News: Daniel Weitzner Discusses PACT

Published on 2020-06-24

IPRI Founding Director, Daniel Weitzner, is the co-PI of the PACT project, which aims to…

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ImPACT 2020: PACT Project Holds First Collaborative, Virtual Workshop to Tackle Key Technical Issues in Private Automated Contact Tracing

Published on 2020-04-16

Today, during the first ImPACT 2020 event, world-leading computer scientists in cryptography, cybersecurity, and wireless…

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Ensuring Privacy While Utilizing Citizen Data in India

Published on 2019-11-22

Using data from city citizens to advance government efficiency while maintaining their privacy appears to…

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Danny Weitzner Discusses Cybersecurity and Privacy on C-SPAN

Published on 2019-05-01

What is happening in the world of cybersecurity and privacy? Daniel Weitzner discussed these topics…

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News: Global Cooperation in the White House Sparked by AI and Privacy Concerns

Published on 2019-04-10

In a recent New York Times article, Steve Lohr discusses U.S. and global policy regarding…

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News: Top Universities Are Pushing for Public Interest Technology

Published on 2019-03-13

In a New York Times article, Natasha Singer discusses how U.S. students are learning about…

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New Paper Paves The Way For More Transparency For Court System Without Revealing Data

Published on 2018-08-20

IPRI Researchers Present At USENIX Conference Internet Policy Research Initiative student Jonathan Frankle, along with…

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Data From Airport Facial Recognition Devices – Are There Safeguards In Place?

Published on 2018-08-09

Airport Facial Recognition Devices – what’s going on with the data? Did you know Airlines…

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