Addressing BGP Serial Hijacking

Published on 2019-11-27

While nearly essential for modern-day society, the technologies we use to share information on the…

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Ensuring Privacy While Utilizing Citizen Data in India

Published on 2019-11-22

Using data from city citizens to advance government efficiency while maintaining their privacy appears to…

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Ensuring that Smart Cities Don’t Become Surveillance Cities

Published on 2019-11-20

On my way to work, I pass no less than three bike-sharing stations. I use…

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Why Botnets Persist: Designing Effective Technical and Policy Interventions

Published on 2019-09-06

Written by Wajeeha Ahmad. Botnets, networks of malware-infected machines controlled by an attacker called the…

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Neural Networks and the Lottery Ticket Hypothesis

Published on 2019-05-07

Deep neural networks, computer systems loosely modeled after the human brain, are found in the…

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Paper: The Future of the Ad-Supported Internet Ecosystem

Published on 2019-03-07

Instead of charging their users directly, popular social media sites – such as Facebook, Twitter,…

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IPRI MIT Funding Awards

Published on 2017-05-19

MIT’s interdisciplinary Internet Policy Research Initiative (IPRI) awarded $1.5 million to researchers across campus working…

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CRTC Chairman Jean-Pierre Blais at MIT

Published on 2017-05-18

By: Natalie Klym, Executive Director of MIT’s Communications Futures Program (CFP) April 24th, 2017 When…

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Learning from Tim Berners-Lee on the occasion of receiving the Turing Award

Published on 2017-04-04

2017-04-04 By Daniel Weitzner On the happy occasion of Professor Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s receiving the…

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Blog: Improving the Measurement and Analysis of Gigabit Broadband Networks

Published on 2017-03-16

Improving the Measurement and Analysis of Gigabit Broadband Networks Accurate measurements of broadband performance are…

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