News: Daniel Weitzner Discusses PACT

Published on 2020-06-24

IPRI Founding Director, Daniel Weitzner, is the co-PI of the PACT project, which aims to…

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News: Cyber Risks Associated with Voting from Home

Published on 2020-06-08

In a recent New York Times article titled, Amid Pandemic and Upheaval, New Cyber Risks…

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How to Protect Your Vote

Published on 2020-06-07

** See the full technical report on OmniBallot here ** Michael A. Specter and J….

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ImPACT 2020: PACT Project Holds First Collaborative, Virtual Workshop to Tackle Key Technical Issues in Private Automated Contact Tracing

Published on 2020-04-16

Today, during the first ImPACT 2020 event, world-leading computer scientists in cryptography, cybersecurity, and wireless…

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FAQ on the Security Analysis of Voatz

Published on 2020-02-14

Written by Michael Specter, James Koppel, and Daniel Weitzner The below is an FAQ about…

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News: MIT Students Find Vulnerabilities in a Voting App

Published on 2020-02-13

MIT PhD Students Michael Specter and James Koppel as well as MIT IPRI Founding Director…

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Addressing BGP Serial Hijacking

Published on 2019-11-27

While nearly essential for modern-day society, the technologies we use to share information on the…

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Ensuring that Smart Cities Don’t Become Surveillance Cities

Published on 2019-11-20

On my way to work, I pass no less than three bike-sharing stations. I use…

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News: Larry Susskind Discusses Ransomware Attacks on WGBH

Published on 2019-11-08

In a recent WGBH interview, Arun Rath and Larry Susskind talked about ransomeware attacks. Susskind,…

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News: Introducing the MIT Cybersecurity Clinic

Published on 2019-09-30

The critical infrastructure that our cities rely on is not as secure as we would…

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