Designing Governable Computing Systems

Published on 2021-03-11

On March 3, 2021, Daniel Weitzer spoke in an MIT CSAIL talk hosted by Hal…

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News: Hal Abelson Discusses MIT App Inventor

Published on 2019-05-17

In a recent MIT News post, Abby Abazorius talked to Hal Abelson about MIT App…

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AI Policy Congress – Part 2 Democratizing AI through Transparency and Education

Published on 2019-02-01

Written by Natalie Lao Demystifying Machine Learning for Regulators On Wednesday, January 16, Professor Hal…

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Blog: App Inventor Mentioned in Batgirl Comics

Published on 2017-03-02

MIT App Inventor was mentioned in the latest Batgirl DC Comic Book, when Barbara Gordon,…

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Research: Helping the Helpers – A Toolkit for Mobile Humanitarian Assistance Apps (M. Eng. Thesis)

Published on 2016-01-04

This research investigates the following question: ​­ ​How can relief workers be empowered to create…

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