Student Reflections (China 2017) – Weijia He (Erica) (SJTU)

2018-03-27 - 4 minutes read

Student Reflections: Weijia He (Erica)

By: Weijia He (Erica)

When I first signed up for this course, it just seemed to be a great chance to learn something interesting from a couple of MIT professors. As a student with an engineering background, the title “MIT” itself is already very intriguing. To be honest, I didn’t expect there would be much differences from any other courses I took during my time in SJTU, except everything is in English. However, I’m totally wrong. Activities were something that I didn’t expect that I would love so much.

Frankly speaking, language barrier undoubtedly made me quite nervous about the group work and presentation. But with the first activity going on, I gradually eased and felt more confident to speak out. May


be it’s the active atmosphere and heated discussion there, or the encouraging eye contact and friendliness from other students and professors, that makes me forget about all my nervousness but indulge in the discussion itself. To me, this was the most enjoyable part of this course.

In these activities, we used everything we learned in the classes to analyze cases, find all facts, make solid reasoning and defend our “client”. Everything is new to me but really fun. I still remembered the moot court, in which my team represented as Didi and successfully defended ourselves. According to the materials we were given, the case involved a plaintiff who failed to attend an important meeting on time, and four defendants(Didi, Apple, Nest and Amazon) who were more or less related to the failure. We also had a statute, written by the professors from MIT, about the Internet of Things(IoT), since the plaintiff was late due to a series of malfunctions of IoT devices. It was quite complicated at the first glance.

To be honest, we were a little bit loss when the discussion time started. However, with Johnathan’s leading and everyone’s involvement, we made up a timeline of the case, figured out the cause and effects, found supportive statements in the policy and everything became clear. This process really amazed me, making me, an engineering student, feel the charm of working with policies. When we were not included in the list of compensation made by plaintiff, everyone thrilled and congratulated each other. Johnathan, who didn’t sit with us, also gave us a thumbs up far away from his seat.

Though I came only with the expectation of listening to some classes about policy, this course gave me so much more than that. I learned, practiced and also made friends. I interacted with MIT professors and students, and also law students from SJTU. All of them have different backgrounds but everyone are so nice and accepting. Talking with them gives me new perspectives to things, let me think things that have never occurred to me before.

It’s an intensive one-week course, but also very enjoyable and rewarding. I almost want to hug everyone, professors and students, who made everything come true, and also myself, who decided to join the course instead of going home and relaxing, and say thank you to them, thank you to make all these things happen. I’m really grateful for that.

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