Blog: Apple’s New Facial Recognition on the iphone – good for privacy?

2017-09-25 - 1 minute read

Facial Recognition on the new iPhone? What does that mean for my privacy?

Jonathan Frankle, an MIT PhD studying and working at MIT’s Internet Policy Research Initiative was recently interviewed by The International Business Times and Metro News about privacy and security implications of Apple’s new iPhone functionality which includes facial recognition.

The new iPhone features facial recognition functionality – where instead of typing a passcode to unlock your phone, you can have your phone recognize your face through your camera.

While this appears to be a fascinating new technology – how does it impact individual consumers privacy?  Can law enforcement use this to hack/break into phones simply by holding the phone in front of your face? Will the phone become more secure?

Jonthan and other explain in the articles found with links below:

See full article here with International Business Times and  – Metro News