Research: An Overview of Dynamic Spectrum Sharing – Ongoing Initiatives, Challenges, and a Roadmap for Future Research

Published on 2016-06-19

We are in the midst of a major paradigm shift in how we manage radio…

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Research: Ex-post mitigation strategies for theft of non-financial data

Published on 2016-03-30

As the financial sector has gotten better at dealing with data breaches of payment card…

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Blog: Happy Pi Day

Published on 2016-03-14

Happy pi day from IPRI.

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Course: 6.S898 – Cybersecurity Policy

Published on 2016-02-01

This course introduces concepts and issues in cybersecurity policy and how to design and analyze…

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Research: Helping the Helpers – A Toolkit for Mobile Humanitarian Assistance Apps (M. Eng. Thesis)

Published on 2016-01-04

This research investigates the following question: ​­ ​How can relief workers be empowered to create…

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Research: Privacy Bridges – EU and US Privacy Experts in Search of Transatlantic Privacy Solutions

Published on 2015-10-21

The EU and US share a common commitment to privacy protection as a cornerstone of…

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Research: Keys under doormats

Published on 2015-07-07

Mandating insecurity by requiring government access to all data and communications Released: 7 July 2015…

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Research: Linked Data and Mobile Application Privacy

Published on 2015-06-04

The smartphone applications ecosystem lacks significant controls and accountability mechanisms to protect users’ privacy from…

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Research: Negotiating Mobile App Permissions

Published on 2015-05-04

When people install an Android app on their smartphone, they are required to accept all…

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Research: Privacy Tipping Points in Smartphones Privacy Preferences

Published on 2015-05-01

The aim of this research was to understand what affects people’s privacy preferences in smartphone…

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