MIT/US Federal Reserve: Measuring Cyber Risk in the Financial Service Sector

Published on 2022-08-16

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Ransomware Readiness Index (RRI): A Proposal to Measure Current Preparedness and Progress Over Time

Published on 2021-09-27

By Rebecca Spiewak. With increasingly sophisticated threat actor tactics, an expansion of internet-connected services and…

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Facebook/Cambridge Analytica: Privacy lessons and a way forward

Published on 2018-03-20

By Nathaniel Fruchter, Michael Specter, Ben Yuan Introduction On Saturday, March 17, 2018, The Guardian…

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best student paper award at ESWC2017

“Linked Data Notifications” article earns ESWC2017 Best Student Paper award

Published on 2017-06-06

By: Amy Guy As part of the work on decentralized architectures for the Web, researchers…

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IPRI MIT Funding Awards

Published on 2017-05-19

MIT’s interdisciplinary Internet Policy Research Initiative (IPRI) awarded $1.5 million to researchers across campus working…

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CRTC Chairman Jean-Pierre Blais at MIT

Published on 2017-05-18

By: Natalie Klym, Executive Director of MIT’s Communications Futures Program (CFP) April 24th, 2017 When…

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News: Edelman on US Administration’s Cybersecurity plan timeline

Published on 2017-04-21

Donald Trump misses his own cyber security plan deadline after promising to deliver in 90…

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Blog: Algorithmic Accountability

Published on 2017-04-10

Stop blaming the algorithm! Some paths forward on the question of algorithmic accountability By Marc Aidinoff…

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News: Tim Berners-Lee receives 2017 Turing Award

Published on 2017-04-04

MIT Professor Tim Berners-Lee, the researcher who invented the World Wide Web and is one…

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News: Ilaria Liccardi on WBUR discussing the repeal of Internet privacy regulations

Published on 2017-03-29

IPRI’s Ilaria Liccardi was featured on WBUR discussing the privacy concerns related to the repeal…

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