Accountable systems – The OTrace Protocol

2024-04-25 - 1 minute read

MIT Future of Data
25 April 2024: Future of Data Initiative releases early version of OTrace privacy protocol

Based on student research from Kevin Liao, Quinn P Magendanz, and Dian Wen we have just released on early version of our OTrace privacy protocol along with an API spec and backend code.  now posted on Github including the OTrace API Spec, backend code, and other research sandbox items (homepage).

In order to improve trust in the open banking ecosystem, this work proposes a protocol for traceability—the ability for consumers to track how data is being used and shared, even (and especially) across organizational boundaries. Traceability will help achieve reliable, scalable detection of data misuse, leading to both better internal processes and more effective intervention by enforcement authorities when necessary.

OTrace Website
OTrace Services API Spec v0.3
Github Repository