Steering Group

Social Science
Nazli Choucri Political Science
Peter Diamond Economics
Michael Fischer Anthropology and Science, Technology and Society
Kenneth Oye Political Science
Sherry Turkle Sociology and Science, Technology and Society
Hal Abelson EECS
Tim Berners-Lee CSAIL
David Clark CSAIL
Munther Dahleh Institute on Complex and Soci-Tech. Systems
Shafi Goldwasser EECS
Frans Kaashoek EECS
Nancy Leveson Aeronautics and Astronautics
Silvio icali EECS
Ron Rivest EECS
Daniela Rus CSAIL
Howie Shrobe CSAIL
Gerry Sussman EECS
Daniel Weitzner CSAIL
Andrew Lo Sloan
Stu Madnick Sloan